Yung Pabi – Bushman ft. M3nsa

[Official Video]

Bushman, used in this context to mean an unenlightened person, is a tale about irresponsible fatherhood. One can’t say if it’s a semi- autobiographical account of Yung Pabi’s own life. From the inception of the song, Yung Pabi, recounts the circumstances surrounding his birth; his mum wailing, following his birth not out of excitement but pain. Her husband left her to start a family with another women, putting her in a dire state of survival- to fend for herself and her new kid. With hopelessness staring at her and her child, she indicated her readiness to offer her baby up for sale.

Medikal – Talk To Am ft. Patapaa (Prod. by Unkle Beatz)

The story being recounted by Yung Pabi isn’t a new phenomenon. It’s prevalent in many societies across the globe where single mothers shoulder the responsibilities of caring and raising her kids while the fathers are out of the picture; either through divorce or deliberate neglect.

On ‘Bushman’, Pabi’s story didn’t only touch on the negative aspect of this irresponsible behaviour of fathers. Sometimes, abandonment could be a blessing in disguise as these kids (rejected stones), become, in the famous words of reggae legend Bob Marley, the cornerstones of their families and society. And that’s when these fathers come to their senses and try to take credit for how their kids turned out.

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