QUEEN DRIE continues in the footsteps of the prophets Tupac Shakur, Nipsey Hussle, and Malcolm X with her latest single, Training Wheels.

Queen Drie follows up with an old school hip-hop style single labelled “Training Wheels” after her debut single last month.

The Chicago based Ghanaian-American artist emphasizes on the society she found herself in, talking about how the US government uses the music industry and the media, which they control to influence the lives of people, especially the youth.

She talks about the US government weaponizing the culture of black people and use it against us on a worldwide scale. The black youth are conditioned by the media to make them grow interest for drugs and social vices to distract them from the real power they have as black people — the power of their minds.

She made reference to Tupac Shakur, Nipsey Hussle and Malcom X as prophets, people who stood up for the truth. Three black leaders who were taking the blindfolds off the eyes of their people to make them realize their worth, but were later exterminated.


Boyce: ” I heard the song and it talks about Government, Society, Culture, Media and the youth. I want to know what you pictured, what actually moved you to put up this song?”

Queen Drie: “I was doing a lot of research into music and i came across the stuff on how the music industry and the Government are supporting the production of music that keeps black people shackled in the matrix that is designed to suppress them from being who they really are. Black people, especially black youth, are being conditioned daily with information that keeps them from waking up to take control of their existence by being free thinkers. The late Malcolm X has this quote I really like. It goes “Only a fool would let his enemy teach his children”, here the enemy is the US government in tandem with the music industry and the children are the black youth.

My mission is here is to be a prophet to tell my people about stuff they are overlooking and not thinking about. I am here to think about it and tell you so you can also think about it. So, my job is to bring it back to your frontal lobe so you will be able to think for yourself.

Now the “Training Wheels” are coming off. You are a not a child anymore so you need to get up and get to the grounds. So whether you fall or not, whether you fall to right or left, whether you drown, it’s all up to you now. You can’t keep the training wheels on forever. You can’t keep repeating the cycles that have left our community in poverty, riddled with mental illnesses and PTSD. The training wheels have to come off!

The decisions we are making are going to shape the rest of our lives and we can’t keep looking up to the government to change things for us because it’s not their intention to. We need to wake up!!!”

You can stream Training Wheels on all music platforms with the following link: https://ampl.ink/2DKoJ and grab a drink, take a seat and check out a total breakdown of the lyrics on genius here: https://genius.com/Queen-drie-training-wheels-lyrics

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