Meet Stunner, Singer of ‘23’s’

Last weekend, our team caught up with the up and coming artiste, Stunner, a.k.a Rolie. It was great chatting with him about his music, background, lifestyle and more.

Here are some of the things he shared with our reporter, Sam.

Sam: Hi Stunner! It’s nice to have you spend the afternoon with us. I must say I really enjoy your new release, ‘23’s’.

Stunner: My pleasure boss! It feels good to connect with you and my other fans out there.

Sam: Great one! Many people will describe you in different ways. So tell us, who is Stunner?

Stunner: (Laughing) True boss! Well, Stunner is just me. Stunner is my person. I always want more in this life. I want a lot of money and then, plenty of happiness too. I believe I have a lot of talent in me; especially for the entertainment world. Since I was a child, I have loved the camera.

Sam: Hmm! Super interesting. You are one of the fast-rising stars that we have in this industry. What has it been like in the industry?

Stunner: It hasn’t been easy at all but I thank God for my friends. They really supported me up on till this moment. I always say I don’t joke with the loyalty of my friends. I remember how they stood by me back then when I did not have anything, even a studio camera. They were still there when we began to acquire some things like a camera, a soundcard and all other stuff. My friends have always been there for me. My fans too have been great.

Sam: Wow! From the look of things, you seem big on loyalty.

Stunner: Yes o! Stunner is all about loyalty, spreading love and staying true to all my friends and fans that keep supporting my hustle.

Sam: You have an interesting personality. Tell us, what’s the big picture for you?

Stunner: That is hard oh! Many things make up the big picture for me. Growing up, I always admired Golf Gang, Flatbush Zombies and the like. I really just want to impact people with the music I do. I want people to sing and dance to my music. I want them to have fun while listening to my vibes. I want to remain independent. I want my music to help people discover and believe in themselves.
Sam: When did you start music professionally?

Stunner: I have always loved music right from when I was a child. In my hood where I grew up, many of my neighbours really loved music and art. I guess that is how I picked up my interest in music. Professionally, I have been making music for about two years now.

Sam: You’ve had some collaborations; what impacts have they had in your career?

Stunner: Yes, I had a major collaboration with Mundo.

Sam: What was it like working with Mundo?

Stunner: It was a great experience. Mundo really came through for me throughout the period we worked on the track. In fact, he is more like family now. Mundo is a talented artiste. He did not write any of his lyrics; he just did freestyle and it made so much of sense. Mundo and I are much alike when it comes to music.
Most times, we just sing about our life experiences.

Sam: So what inspired ‘23’s’?

Stunner: When I heard the beats initially, I just wanted to have fun. Mundo, at the time, was already enjoying the beat. There’s none like us, honestly — it was at about 1 a.m., when other guys were asleep, about eight of them, that ‘23’s’ came through. It was inspired by the big dreams around.

Sam: Nice one! We hope to see more of you and Mundo in future! By the way, we hear you have another name.

Stunner: (Laughs) Yes boss! My friends and fans also call me Rolie. You can call me Stunner or Rolie.

Sam: Okay, Rolie. Do you have any final words for your fans?

Stunner: Don’t forget to stay loyal, spread love and stay true to your real friends. Keep supporting my hustle. Bless up!

Sam: You’ve heard it all from Stunner himself.

Till next time, keep being you!

Listen to Rolie’s track, ‘23’s’, here.

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