La Meme Gang Ft. Darkovibes, RJZ, & Kiddblack: Stone Island

La Meme Gang, in rich musicality, displays the love for one another in the captivating masterpiece,  “Stone Island”. Together with Darkovibes, RJZ, and Kiddblack, this group has done a fantastic job.

Darkovibes does his thing, the “Darko style”, as he blends the local dialect, GA, with English. RJZ sings on how every member of the group plays vital roles in his life, saying how much of great friends they are.

Kiddblack drops some emotional lines on how he arrived late for a friend’s dad’s funeral, revealing the ups and downs of friendship

Eargasm just never disappoints with splendid music production, as the beat, and everything about sound in the song was wonderfully made.

Watch “Stone Island”, write what you feel, and share.


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