Kakra Jay – Wonkoa

Kakra Jay finally drops the visuals to his most recent love piece ‘Wonkoa’. In the opening scene, viewers are treated to an abrupt ”misunderstanding” between Kakra Jay and baby girl.

She’s next seen frantically packing to leave their apartment, but right when she’s about stepping out the door, Kakra Jay arrives and she locks herself in. Kakra Jay proceeds to sing to her from outside and she’s seen reminiscing about the good times they’ve had upon hearing him. She finally unlocks the door to let him. Shortly after the two are back to normal, ending the video on a positive note.

The video, shot by JMKAD Films boasts of vibrancy and is a joy to watch. Need some fresh content to keep you entertained while in quarantine?

Do well to watch Kakra Jay’s ‘Wonkoa’ video here.

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