‘Biibi Ba’ — Sarkodie & 10 Other Rappers

Sarkodie’s ‘Biibi Ba’, which features his rap-spitting army of 10 underground rappers is already trending at No.2 on YouTubeGh.

The entire production, if it’s to summarised in a word, is epic! The video, from its opening, keeps your eyes glued, right to the end of it — thumbs up to Babs Direction and everyone involved in this grand piece.

What makes ‘Biibi Ba’ even more fascinating is the presence of the 10 underground MCs who all rapped alongside Sarkodie in seven minutes, 39 seconds. Again, ‘Biibi Ba’ is epic.

Watch here: Sarkodie’s ‘Biibi Ba’, featuring LJ, Tulenkey, Frequency, K. Mole, ToyBoi, Yeyo, Amerado, 2Fyngers, OBkay, and CJ.

This track is a story of young men who in the hustle and grind of Accra life, make tough decisions to survive and make money.



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