BeHale: The Simple, Secure, All Inclusive COVID-19 App

BeHale Inc. is an mHealth startup based, focused on building Web and Mobile Applications which are of social benefit and provide value-driven solutions to health-sector challenges in communities. Following the unfortunate emergence of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) that has befallen the world, it has become imperative for individuals, organizations and stakeholders to devise means and strategies to fight this pandemic. It is in this vein that BeHale Technologies have decided to employ and direct their efforts to join in the fight.

Hence the development and launch of the BeHale App, the application is essentially a common platform that connects General Health Institutions to the General Public and vice versa, with features and technologies that allows Health Departments to control, contain and relieve the spread of the coronavirus and any related disease or virus outbreak.

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How to download and use the app

Features and functions embedded in the BeHale App;

1. A Questions and Answers (Q&A) feature which provides relevant information about COVID-19, how it spreads and how it is affecting people worldwide. (Source, WHO)
2. Basic protective measures against the Novel Coronavirus. (Source, WHO)
3. From the Administrator Dashboard… situation updates, enhanced measures and health directives can be broadcasted to users on the platform from Emergency Health Administrators.
4. Newsfeed that keeps users updated with trending news on COVID-19 across the globe. News is sourced from trusted media agencies worldwide.

1. Worldwide Live Updates with regards to the confirmed cases, recoveries and deaths with respect to COVID-19.
2. Homepage Highlight of a users’ country’s Situation Updates.

People showing symptoms of COVD-19 and/or who have come in close contact with persons who have traveled or who have been in contact with confirmed COVID-19 patients will use the in-app Reporting System to get immediate assistance from Health Centers or Professionals.

It is undisputed that the issue of contact tracing as far as COVID-19 is concerned has been one of the most difficult things to do due to the cosmopolitan nature of the affected areas. BeHale App uses an in-built QR Code Technology to keep details of persons our users come in contact with, making contact tracing most easy for health centers should one contract the Novel Coronavirus.

The app has the option for users to add reminders on their devices to alert them to observe the precautionary measures as advised by WHO, which includes washing and sanitizing hands, maintaining social distancing, practicing respiratory hygiene and to avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.

Phone: +233 54 652 2014 // +233 24 425 3972

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